The smart watch or the Bluetooth watch as a device is gaining in popularity briskly after the initial slow pick up. People have taken their time to understand the working of the device and its utility and are now willing to spend money for a gadget that will complement their smart phone effectively.
Let us see some of the benefits you can enjoy when using the Bluetooth watch.
a) You would be able to view the notifications on your watch and would not have to pull out your smart phone each time to do that. You save time and effort.
b) Constantly checking the phone for updates is not good social behavior. The Bluetooth watch enables you to keep track of notifications in an unobtrusive manner and you can choose to respond to the ones you feel are urgent at your leisure.
c) You would be able to control your music experience through this device, which is very convenient especially when you are driving. Just tap to pause, go to the next track or stop playing music through your watch controls.
d) Flash your travel boarding pass from your watch as you breeze through airport security.
e) Answer, decline calls using this device and choose to activate the speaker of the phone or the earphone at any time. This feature is very useful when at a meeting or when driving as you will find retrieving the phone cumbersome during these times. You can enjoy quick short conversations like this when getting to your phone is not possible.
f) You need not use a dedicated fitness tracker or a separate device for monitoring your fitness. The Bluetooth smart watch will present to you all the parameters along with other features that you will appreciate.
g) Save precious battery juice. It is well known that high resolution smart phone screens consume a lot of battery juice each time they are lit up during usage. When you use the smart watch as an alternative for viewing notifications, you end up saving battery juice and need not charge your phone as frequently as before.
h) Snap out of boredom by changing the face of your Bluetooth smart watch on a daily basis. Have the watch face you desire based on how you feel or as per the day of the week. This customization is possible on your watch at no additional cost.

i) If you are in a crowded area or some place that is not safe, you can still access your phone through the smart watch without having to pull out your phone. This way, you enjoy better security to your phone and peace of mind.
j) Visit new places and get around the place easily through accurate smart watch directions and without having to refer to your phone. Doing so may lead to you dropping your phone as you try to follow directions from your mobile. Save your mobile from a possible fall.
As you can see, the Bluetooth smart watch has a lot of benefits you can enjoy, making it a must have device for you.