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It is a fact that the smart watch by itself has existed in its basic form since 1980. However, its current modern form and integration with the smart phone, thereby making it a truly smart watch phone has happened only over the last couple of years with the Pebble launch. Google then launched the Android Wear in 2014 followed by Apple in 2015 with the Apple Watch.
There have been arguments put forward by people about the necessity of wearing a smart watch phone. Many feel it is not useful as they do not want to add yet another device for charging before bedtime. They also feel that since this gadget will work only as long as the smart phone works, what is the merit in spending additional money on its purchase if you are going to keep changing your smart phone every 2 years or so?

There are others though who feel that this device is a stylish accessory that will complement their smart phone adequately and does possess a number of useful features, justifying its purchase.
There are without doubt some advantages when you use the smart watch phone as under:
1)You would now be able to make payment for your purchases using this device. Use Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay to just wave your device on the payment terminal. It is as simple as that. No more do you require to take the trouble of reaching for the wallet each time.
2)If you remember the last time you struggled with a map and your smart phone in your hand for directions in a new place, you will thank your smart watch phone now. The voice navigation feature will enable you to walk confidently towards your destination keeping your sights firmly on the way ahead without distractions or the possibility of you dropping your expensive smart phone.
3)We all are aware of the benefits of keeping fit. How about having a fitness tracker that keeps a tab on the steps taken, calories consumed and distance covered during the day? How about your smart watch also advising you on what to eat and monitoring your sleep pattern? Indeed, all this is possible through this device and you do not have to invest in a separate fitness tracker.
4)The smart watch is fastened on your wrist making it a very convenient device to look at for notifications, controlling music. They will become better with updates and improvements in the working of their OS over time and therefore is a wise investment to make for sure.
Before making that purchase however, ensure the following things are considered.
a) Make sure that it is compatible with your smart phone.
b)Buy devices that have the heart rate monitor and GPS functionality.
c) Check out the rated battery life mentioned so that you do not have to spend the battery juice of your smart phone.
d) Make sure it displays the time at all times.


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