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Dz09 smartwatch Wholesale

smartwatch Dz 09 is a smart watch that you should check out, if you have a phone either with android version 4.3 and up or ios version 7.1 and above. Achieve your fitness target with the very simple and effective services… Continue Reading →

Wholesale i5 Plus Smart Bluetooth watches

Have you heard about this amazing new smart watch i5 Plus? It’s simply to die for you should get it now! With this app on your phone you can do quality sleep management, monitor your calories which is really a… Continue Reading →

ID115 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Wristband

If you have smartwatch Id_115 then listed below are two of the best apps that will help you maintain your fitness.The primary goal of a smart watch is to provides its users a way to keep tabs on their health…. Continue Reading →

Fitness tracker Smart Watch U8

Smart watch u8 bluetooth With services like sleep management, anti lost and camera remote smartwatch u8 could be the next big thing in smart watch market. All these services are extremely very useful and just only few of which smartwatch… Continue Reading →

Fitness Tracker Smartwatch03

Stay connected with your smartwatch 03 by downloading movnow plus which is an app that will help you connect your smart watch to your phone successfully for full productivity. Efficient sleep management, goal, camera remote that will surely help to… Continue Reading →

Benefits of fitness tracker

Today, people in all parts of the world are beset with many lifestyle oriented diseases. Many of these diseases are becoming very common among not only the aged but also among youth.   Some of these diseases such as hypertension,… Continue Reading →

Pros and cons of fitness trackers

It has now become evidently clear that many of the diseases plaguing people and have become common in recent times can be attributed mainly due to the lifestyle changes of people over the last 2-3 decades. What are the pros… Continue Reading →

Pedometer watch

If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is likely that you are already making use of some fitness tracker device or a sports watch. These devices can measure the steps you take during the day, the calories you burn and… Continue Reading →

Bluetooth watch

The smart watch or the Bluetooth watch as a device is gaining in popularity briskly after the initial slow pick up. People have taken their time to understand the working of the device and its utility and are now willing… Continue Reading →

Smart watch wholesale in India

Are you interested in Smart watch wholesale in India ?  Then contact us. We are importers, supplier and wholesale dealer of Latest and popular smartwatch i5plus, m09, dz09, u8 and id 115 in India for 2017 It is a fact that… Continue Reading →

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